Welcome to the Kapsule documentation.

What is a Kapsule ?

A Kapsule is an autonomous search package on your data. It includes all that is needed for you to embbed a natural language search onto any application or website. The Kapsule works online or offline, allowing you to deliver fast and relevant results to any search on your dataset. The resources consumption is really low (a Kapsule package starts at some kB) : you can use it on any device.

First steps with Kapsule technology

Using a Kapsule will work in two steps :

Create your Kapsule

To create your Kapsule, you'll need to prepare your data for the service format. You will find information about that in this part of the documentation :

> Importing your data

When the Kapsule is created with your import, you will tune its behavior to match your functionnal needs. The Kapsule configuration interface will help you with that.

Then you can build your Kapsule, thus creating the one-file package that you can either Download or Preview.

The Preview will help you test your Kapsule before integrating it in your application. It's a search interface that will automatically adapt to your Kapsule configuration and data.

Integrate it into your website or application

Now that you have built the Kapsule that fits your need, you can integrate it into your application or website.

We described what may be the optimal integration in this part of the documentation :

> Integrating your Kapsule

If you need help on some parameters or outputs from the javascript package , a full description can be found here :

> Interacting with your Kapsule

Thanks for using Kapsule !

Manage and update your Kapsule remotely

Once your Kapsule is integrated, you may want to update it automatically with your own data source, without using the Kapsule GUI.

You can achieve it via the Web API we provide. It lets you get informations, build and update your Kapsules.

> Web API

If you need more help, feel free to contact us here.