You can find below the different API requests to:

  • Retrieve all the Kapsules you own.
  • Retrieve details about a specific Kapsule.
  • Retrieve the import file this Kapsule was created with.
  • Update the import of this Kapsule.

A note on authorization: It's important to note that for the curl commands generated below to be usable in your terminal, you need to take the authorization token from your account page and add the entire text when clicking the "Authorize" button below. This should look like this:

Token ae92b3aa724c8642567f31aba44d2e1ba83ffa87

The final curl statement should look like this:

curl -X GET "" \
    -H "accept: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Token ae92b3aa724c8642567f31aba44d2e1ba83ffa87"

API Description